The Human Dance

I am a barista and I dance at work.

Not for leisure, but out of necessity – when only 18 inches separate the espresso machine and blender, nifty footwork becomes a must.

And it isn’t because I work in a novelty café either, where the staff are required to hop onto a tabletop whenever YMCA is played.

Perhaps Sayuri from Memoirs of a Geisha said it best, “What is sumo but a dance between giants? What is business but a dance between companies?”

Hence, I like to posit: Everything we do is a dance. Indeed, our very own universe is in itself a dance.

Consider, if you will: Neutrons, positrons, electrons in an atom dance around, and dance with each other. The paths each particle takes, the interactions between them, are all meticulously choreographed. If any particle strays out of line, the dance would, in the best case scenario, appear discordant to the audience.


In the worst case scenario, the universe as we know it would never have existed – or, perhaps, ants would be ruling the world instead of evolved apes.

And since we are on the topic of creation, follow me on a trip to India, eons and eons ago…

It was said Brahma created the world and stepped into the background, allowing Vishnu to watch over the world.

Vishnu had nine incarnations – with the most recent incarnation as Buddha in the 5th century BCE. His tenth and final incarnation has yet to come to pass – but when it does, Shiva will take over and perform the Tandava, the dance of destruction.

Musée Guimet

Yes, the Hindu mythology speaks of apocalypse – but so does almost every other creation myth. But the old must first be discarded to make way for the new, and that, IMHO, is the essence of the dance of destruction.

As you can see, dances feature in every aspect of our lives, from the Big Bang Theory to the Tandava to mating dances. Aren’t we all dancing every moment of our lives? Our lives are constantly filled with rhythm and motion, right from the moment we wake.

Image result for tooth brushing fuuny

Do we prepare breakfast with grace? When travelling to fulfill responsibilities, do we manoeuvre with ease and joy? Will you and your business associate – dance partner – achieve a mutual understanding and dance in sync towards a common goal?

These images constantly swirl and twirl in my mind like a ballerina performing her pirouettes, pliés and arabesques…

I wonder, and wish: If everyone could dance graciously in sync, would our Universe not be a much better place?



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